How Are We Different


Here are just some of the things that set Contact+ apart from the competition:

PROMOTES CONTINUITY.  Most systems deal with interactions in isolation, displaying a fractured and discordant face to the customer. Contact+ promotes continuity by empowering agents with a full conversation history, and by aiming to use the same agent per customer for any particular issue, thereby removing the need for the customer to repeat themselves.

ESTABLISHES CLARITY.  By linking together all the different channels into a single, unified conversation, Contact+ presents agents with a complete, clear and concise picture of the customer’s journey so far, allowing them to quickly take the next steps in resolving the issue.

OFFERS CONVENIENCE.  Contact+ allows customers to send a text, email or instant message with the date and time of their availability and receive a callback from the system at that time.  This entirely removes the need for endless queuing and automated, robotic messages that mean nothing.

EASIEST TO USE.  Contact+ provides the easiest and most intuitive Agent Desktop on the market with powerful features (such as Ask an Expert and contact recordings embedded in conversation threads) to aid first contact resolution.

MOST FLEXIBLE TO MANAGE. Our powerful Supervisor Desktop enables managers and supervisors to view activity in real time and make changes on-the-fly without having to go to IT.  This allows them to react quickly and decisively to changing circumstances.

MORE INTELLIGENT CONTACT ROUTING. Contact delivery to agents and automated resources can be prioritised based on real-time and historical contact activity as well as standard business rules.

PROVIDES ENHANCED PROBLEM RESOLUTION FEATURES.  Our Agent Desktop displays all threads within an active customer conversation (across multiple contact channels and individuals) to aid problem resolution.  Our Supervisor Desktop provides unified reporting of all conversations and application/ CRM activity to aid analysis and future planning.

OFFERS GREATEST CONSISTENCY by delivering comparable service levels to customers regardless of the contact channel used.  It also allows consecutive inbound customer contacts to be directed to the same agent (or agents).

DELIVERS PERSONALISATION.  Create personalised customer journeys based on previous interactions, data from CRM system etc.  For example, personalised offers can be made to individuals based on buying history, prioritisation and real time activity.

FUTURE-PROOFS YOUR OPERATION.  With a modern, fit for purpose architecture and design, and the use of .NET technology, new features can be constantly introduced and integrations completed faster than ever before.