Who We Are


Macfarlane is a specialist in multichannel customer communications.

We have a long history of technological innovation which started almost 20 years ago. With technology convergence transforming the IT landscape, we set out to find exciting new ways to transform business and improve customer service using the power of computing and telephony systems.

Throughout the late 80’s and early 90’s we were active in the area of automated computer telephony systems such as IVR, voice mail and conferencing and were one of the first UK suppliers to implement speech recognition.

In the mid 1990’s, we were the first UK company to install a software based call centre system, an approach which has now become the norm.  Today, we are leading the way in applying the latest multichannel technologies and conversation management techniques to improve customer service experiences and First Contact Resolution.

Along the way we’ve attracted and developed some very talented people.  Our software engineers, operations staff and consultants are amongst the most talented in their fields – and they are the inspiration and brains behind our latest Contact+ omni-channel contact centre solution.

We are proud of our long term client relationships and record of successfully integrating with the mission-critical systems and applications that they rely on.