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SplicSplicecom-PRecom partners with Macfarlane to deliver Omni-Channel Contact Centre solutions 

London and Chorleywood UK, 31st July 2017. British-based voice platform specialist Splicecom has joined forces with Macfarlane, a pioneer in Conversation Management technology, to deliver a ground-breaking suite of omni-channel Customer Experience solutions.

“Positive Customer Experience can have a huge impact on consumer behaviour.  70% of consumers state that their buying experiences are based on how they feel they are being treated; while 62% say they will switch service providers if they experience poor customer service,” says Robin Hayman, Director of Marketing & Product Management at Splicecom. “By 2020, Customer Experience is predicted to overtake price and product as THE key brand differentiator. As consumers, we now demand quick and relevant answers to our queries, delivered via a variety of devices such as our mobiles, iPads and laptops, and using many different channels: the phone, web, email, SMS and social media”.

“The inability of businesses to cope with this increasingly complex environment has led, in many cases, to frustrated agents, high operational costs and dissatisfied customers,” continues Hayman. “Working in conjunction with Macfarlane, we’ll be helping organisations achieve their customer experience and revenue goals by promoting simplicity, clarity and convenience for both agents and customers.”

“Our expert team of developers, project managers and customer support specialists are dedicated to delivering flexible, robust contact centre solutionss,” says William Gray, CEO at Macfarlane. “By partnering with Splicecom, we are pleased to offer a high quality voice platform, SelectVoice, to underpin Contact+, as well as instantaneous access to a wider channel to market through Splicecom’s accredited partners.”

Macfarlane’s Contact+ is a powerful, omni-channel contact centre solution that’s been designed from the ground up to integrate multiple channels (voice, web, email, SMS and social media) into a single unified solution that works with mobile, tablet or laptop.  Contact+ provides powerful features such as Conversation Management and Business Intelligence Reporting to help contact centres deliver and report on a superior customer experience.

“William joined us to launch Contact+ to our channel partners during our recent UK roadshows,” explained Stuart Bell, Head of Sales for the UK & Ireland at Splicecom. “Macfarlane’s unique focus on Conversation Management, viewing and managing customer interactions as a single thread spanning multiple channels, was extremely well received by those in our audience who specialise in contact centres, and in particular those who target the public sector. By providing an integrated environment for managing these multiple channels, the combination of SelectVoice & Contact+ delivers a consistent and high level of service. This allows administrators & managers to map the customer journey across all channels and report on the overall customer experience. This measure of customers’ interactions with contact centres is crucial, because in today’s marketplace this is ultimately how they view and rate organisations.”

The final word goes to William Gray. “In our experience, growing revenues, receiving great reviews and keeping customers all starts with delivering great customer experiences. Our partnership with Splicecom and their channel allows us to deliver broad solutions designed to enhance the customer experience and thereby create a competitive advantage for our clients.”


Macfarlane delivers multi-channel Conversation Management for Microsoft Dynamics users

London, 22nd February 2016.  Today, Macfarlane announces Contact+ Dynamics, an extensive new set of contact centre capabilities enabled by the integration of the Macfarlane Contact+ contact centre platform and the Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (MS Dynamics CRM) platform. 

Contact+ Dynamics is designed to boost the value that organisations get from their investment in MS Dynamics CRM by delivering faster, more relevant customer service responses, improved customer experiences, increased contact centre agent productivity and lower operational costs.

Features enabled by Contact+ Dynamics include: 

The intelligent queuing and routing to agents of inbound customer interactions, regardless of the media channel used.  Customers can be instantly recognised and assessed according to their service status, credit status etc.  They can then be queued with relevant queue messages (for telephone callers) and business rules (priority, overflow etc.) before being routed to an appropriate live agent

The ‘screen popping’ of relevant customer data on agents’ screens as interactions of all media are delivered to their desktops.  If multiple customer matches are made, these can be displayed for agents to choose from

Intelligent email, SMS, web or phone self-service, enabling customers to be recognised and their issue managed without requiring an agent

The automatic creation of CRM records with data relating to the interaction.  Date, time, agent, source and destination addresses, subject matter text and links to call and screen recordings can be written to the CRM system. This allows reporting across Contact Centre and MS Dynamics systems to track and analyse the progression of an issue, and also the ability to play back the call and screen recordings from the CRM system

Click-to-dial, enabling users to click on a phone number within a MS Dynamics screen to dial a number

The screen popping of relevant customer information on the desktops of back office agents (e.g. credit controllers) as calls are transferred to them from front office agents

Advanced reporting capabilities in conjunction with Contact+ Conversation Management features (see below) enabling customer conversations to be tracked across all media channels

In addition, automated (preview and progressive) dialing functions will be added to Contact+ Dynamics in 2016.

“Switching your contact centre operation to our Contact+ platform is very straightforward” explains William Gray, CEO of Macfarlane.  “It is easy for supervisors to set up and provides functionality straight out-of-the-box.  There is no need for specialised flow tools and no bespoke work required.”

Contact+ Dynamics is available today as an integrated module within the Contact+ product suite from Macfarlane or from an authorised Macfarlane reseller.  Contact+ is available as an on-premise solution or as a ‘pay-as-you-go’ cloud service.

What is Conversation Management?

Conversation Management is about managing customer relationships by focusing on the complete customer conversation rather than individual interactions or dialogues.  Those conversations can be over any period of time, comprise any number of interactions, occur over a single or multiple channels (e.g. voice, email, SMS, web chat, web form, social media), and involve any number of participants.

Conversation Management technology treats each customer issue or query as a continuous conversation. It:

• Uses conversation case history to route contacts more intelligently (e.g. by attempting to use the same customer service agent for the whole conversation, rather than a different agent for each individual interaction)

• Empowers agents to provide quick relevant responses by displaying a full history of customer interactions across all channels in a unified conversation thread on their screen

• Analyses and reports on customer experiences and journeys across all media channels

• Promotes continuity for customers who can talk to or message the same agent and no longer have to repeat themselves each time

• Provides clarity for customers and agents by allowing agents to read back text and play back previous recordings from the agent desktop

Conversation Management is an inherent feature of the Macfarlane Contact+ contact centre platform. 


Macfarlane Camelford House, Albert Embankmentmoves to new London Head Office

London, England, 6 October 2015.  Contact centre technology specialist Macfarlane has moved to new headquarters in Central London.  

The move follows the September 2015 launch of Contact+, Macfarlane’s new omni-channel contact centre platform, and will facilitate future company expansion within Macfarlane’s software development, sales, marketing, support, and administration teams.

The new multi-storey office building is just down the road from the premises they have occupied since 1996.  It is situated on the River Thames, 2 mins walk from Vauxhall Tube and Mainline stations and adjacent to the MI6 head-quarters at:

Camelford House

89 Albert Embankment

London SE1 7TP

Tel: +44 (0) 207 314 1314

William Gray, Managing Director, Macfarlane said: “We’ve already had a significant amount of interest in Contact+ and some very positive feedback regarding its Conversation Management facility and general ease of use.  With investment in digital service transformation at an all-time high, our new offices are designed to accommodate the next phase in our company’s growth and development.  Our new setting at Vauxhall Cross retains our traditional attachment to the river and is at the heart of exciting new developments planned for the area.  It also benefits from its proximity to excellent rail links at Vauxhall, Waterloo and Victoria stations offering convenience of access for our customers, partners and staff”.


Macfarlane’s new Contact+ platform introduces powerful Conversation Management capability

London, England, 8th September 2015.  Macfarlane has launched Contact+, a true omni-channel contact centre technology platform that’s designed to help organisations of all sizes deliver enhanced and consistent customer experiences, regardless of the communications channel used.

Contact+ is now available as an on-premise system or as a cloud-based service.

At the heart of Contact+ is a powerful and sophisticated Conversation Management module that maintains an awareness of complete conversations, comprising any number of interactions, taking place between an organisation and its customers.

It enables agents to view these multi-channel interactions for any given issue as a single unified conversation thread.  The conversations can:

  • Be over any period of time
  • Comprise any number of interactions
  • Occur over a single or multiple channels (voice, web chat, email, SMS, social media)
  • Involve any number of participants
  • Be used to report on the Customer Journey and Experience

Conversation Management helps to promote continuity for customers, who no longer have to repeat themselves, and clarity for agents who can immediately see whole conversation histories.  This empowers agents to provide quick relevant responses, adding to customer satisfaction, increasing agent productivity and thereby lowering costs.

Contact+ has been built from the ground-up to provide:

  • A comprehensive software suite for multichannel contact handling
  • An extensive set of applications including: call, screen and conversation recording; customer self-service; speech recognition; customer surveys; customer callback
  • A single consistent set of tools to configure and manage the platform for all channels
  • A streamlined agent desktop specially designed to simplify an increasingly complex environment leading to higher agent productivity
  • Powerful, unified reporting and feedback tools to measure contact centre agent performance as well as the customer experience across all channels
  • Fully integrated support for industry-leading workforce optimisation and analytics solutions

“The knowledge and experience gained from over 20 years of developing and delivering call and contact centre systems has gone into creating Contact+” said William Gray, CEO, Macfarlane.  “This learning has helped us create a platform that not only offers a unique approach to delivering an omni-channel service, but also helps advisors to serve customers rapidly and cost-effectively through what we believe to be the simplest and most intuitive agent desktop in the industry.”

“Of all the contact centre systems we looked at, Contact+ impressed us the most” said Darren Lake, CEO, Pure Cloud Solutions.  “It’s by far the easiest to use for both supervisors and agents and its Conversation Management facility is unique in helping to resolve the problems created when customers choose to use multiple channels during the resolution of an issue.”