Conversation Management

Conversation bubble

Conversation Management is a new and powerful capability of our Contact+ platform that provides the ability for agents to view multiple customer interactions across multiple channels as a single unified conversation thread.  The interactions can be over any period of time and involve any number of participants.

This helps to promote continuity for customers, who no longer have to repeat themselves, and clarity for the agent who can see all previous dialogues on all channels in one simple thread.

This empowers agents to provide quick relevant responses, adding to the customer’s feeling of satisfaction, increasing the agent’s productivity and lowering costs.

The benefits of Conversation Management include:

  • Provide continuity for the customer by:
    • empowering agents with a full history of interactions across all channels
    • aiming to use the same agent per customer for each issue
  • Provide clarity by being able to read back text and play back previous recordings to callers
  • Use conversation case history to route contacts more intelligently
  • Analyse and report on the customer journey and experience of interacting with your contact centre across all channels.