5 typical app-service features to enhance customer experience

We predict a huge growth in service apps, providing mobile users with a greatly enhanced customer experience. According to eMarketer, more than one-quarter of the global population will be using smartphones in 2015 and more than 1 billion people using a tablet as consumers not only make themselves more ‘contactable’ while on the move but also more ‘intelligent’.

FAQs, or enter complicated details about devices, operating systems, app versions etc. Service functions will simply be embedded within mobile apps, ensuring that service queries can be handled more quickly than ever before, more accurately and with a higher proportion resolved using self-service.

Typical in-app service features include:

  • Rapid searching of FAQs (rather than having to scroll through all answers)
  • Key identification information stored within app and automatically passed to servicedepartment when a query is raised
  • Web chat (set up with a single click)
  • All information relating to a particular support ticket (or query) presented as a single conversation thread of all interactions across all channels
  • Built-in feedback tools to measure satisfaction with support channels (such as live chat) plus analytics for deeper visibility into customer actions

In-app service may be relatively new, but it is already proving extremely popular. According to research from Nuance, 45% say it’s more convenient, 40% say it’s always available, 25% say ‘I don’t want to wait on hold to get help’, 84% say they generally prefer to use a company’s mobile app for routine inquiries (checking balance, check flight status, etc.) rather than calling the company on the phone and 72% say they have a more positive view of a company if they have a customer service app.

It’s clearly a win-win for both consumers and service providers. And with the added benefit to businesses that the more customer data they’re able to collect, the more comprehensive a profile of the customer they can compile and the faster they can resolve future queries. ‘In-app service’ takes advantage of this intelligence, taking away the need for mobile users to log into web sites and raise support tickets (or similar), scroll through complex.

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