How do you turn a customer dialogue into a meaningful conversation?

Your contact centre probably handles thousands of customer interactions, or dialogues, every day. But each dialogue is probably only a small part of the conversation you have with that customer over multiple channels, and over a period of time.

In today’s multi-channel service world, conversations that start with an online enquiry will often progress to online chat sessions, web transactions, phone calls and even service visits.  Your contact centre is likely to treat each new interaction with the customer as a separate event or dialogue, where the agent handling each new interaction is not fully aware of all that has gone before.  Whereas the customer has a single, consistent and informed view of their issue and its history, all too often the organisation presents itself as fractured, failing to demonstrate an ability to join up all the dots for the customer in their journey.

Why is this distinction between ‘dialogues’ and ‘conversations’ important?  For several reasons:

If every new dialogue is treated by your advisers (and self-service resources) as a new conversation, then customers may have to repeat information unnecessarily, leading to customer frustration  

If advisers don’t have ready access to previous dialogues they will probably take longer to resolve queries, impacting on their productivity

These experiences will lead customers to conclude that your organisation either isn’t listening to them, or is simply incompetent!

If this is the reality of your contact centre, then moving to multi-channel contact handling could actually HARM your customer service and corporate reputation by creating information silos, confusion and delays.

Macfarlane Conversation Management™ (MCM) is a new strategic concept in customer engagement management that addresses these issues.

It links together all the different channels employed in resolving a customer issue into a single unified conversation thread, thereby presenting agents on screen with a clear and concise history of the customer journey so far.  MCM empowers agents to move an issue forward quickly, rather than wasting time trying to get up to speed each time. It enables them to read back text and play call recordings to customers, and allows an agent to mark themselves as the Preferred Agent for the next time a customer makes contact, no matter which channel they choose.

Organisations are struggling to cope with an increasingly complex customer service environment with customers demanding quick and relevant answers over a multitude of channels and devices.  MCM presents a neat and effective conversation management solution proving its worth by enhancing customer experiences, improving adviser productivity and reducing costs.

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