Holistic customer conversation management – Are you ready for it?

A customer tweets that he experienced a complex technical fault. Agent A acknowledges he is looking into it. This exchange leads to a call with Agent B, a text, an automated email and a posting on your company’s Facebook page. Agent C then calls the customer with a potential fix.

To resolve the fault as efficiently as possible, it’s clearly important that everyone involved in the discussion has easy – and instant – access to all threads within the conversation: the tweets, automated emails, texts, Facebook and call recordings.

Today, few contact centre agents have access to systems that provide a unified and holistic view of conversation threads. By 2025, however, we believe they will be very common. Holistic conversation management systems should not be confused with more basic multichannel contact handling systems. Several of today’s multichannel contact handling products handle voice, email, web chat and SMS on a single technology platform. Only the Macfarlane Contact+ platform provides a holistic and unified view of all interactions across all channels in a single conversation thread on the Agent Desktop.

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