Improving the Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Growing revenues, receiving great reviews, keeping customers….. it all starts with delivering great customer experiences.

Just ask consumers themselves.

70 per cent say that their buying experiences are based on how they feel they are being treated1; while 62 per cent say they will switch service providers due to poor customer service experiences2.  By 2020, CX is predicted to overtake price and product as THE key brand differentiator3.

But are businesses really listening to what their customers are telling them?  Another telling statistic is that while 80 percent of organisations believe they deliver a good customer experience, only 8% of customers agree4

We work with organisations and brands to put the delivery of amazing customer experiences across all engagement channels and devices at the very heart of their customer service strategy and operations.

Our new omni-channel solution, Contact+, has been designed from the ground up to integrate the different channels of voice, web, email, SMS and social media into a single unified conversation, and work with your mobile, tablet or laptop.

We have designed Contact+ with powerful new features such as Conversation Management and Business Intelligence Reporting specifically to help you deliver and report on a superior customer experience.

Business solutions delivered using Contact+ have helped clients align customer care with strategic business goals as well as meet customer service, loyalty, compliance, sales, collections and customer experience targets.

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