The Internet of Things will make service invisible!

It’s been suggested that the “internet of things” or the “internet of everything” could change the way the world works. Cars talking to computers, internet-connected washing machines, augmented reality glasses…… ten years ago they may have sounded like the stuff of Star Wars but they are all now commercial products that form part of today’s burgeoning machine2machine (M2M) industry.

It could also change the way we deliver service. Within a few years, it’s easy to envisage a situation where it’s the internet-connected machine that’s in control of the service interaction. Say a medical device over-heats and sends an automated service request to the appropriate team; or a dishwasher self-diagnoses a problem and notifies the manufacturer that a part needs replacing. In each case, the service query can be raised without the customer having to get involved.

Products with built-in customer service are a consumer’s dream. However, they require a completely new mindset on the part of organisations when it comes to setting service levels, defining successful outcomes, maintaining contact with customers and more.

Do you believe that the Internet of things will change the way we interact with customers? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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