Platform Overview


As consumers, we now demand immediate answers to our queries delivered on a variety of devices: mobiles, tablets and laptops, using a multitude of communications channels: voice, web, email, SMS and social media.

Organisations face major challenges in being able to cope with this increasingly complex environment and require more intelligent systems to help them with this task.

The knowledge and experience of over 20 years in this industry have gone into creating our latest contact centre platform, Contact+, which uses technology more cleverly than anyone else to create feature-rich, yet easier to use solutions.

Contact+ helps to manage and track customer journeys and transform customer experiences by providing:

  • Conversation Management to link individual customer interactions across multiple channels into a single unified conversation thread
  • A true omnichannel capability, delivering a fully integrated and equivalent high level of service across all channels
  • A single consistent set of tools to configure and manage the platform for all channels
  • A streamlined agent desktop specially designed to simplify a complex environment leading to enhanced customer service, higher productivity and lower costs
  • Powerful and unified reporting and feedback tools to measure contact centre agent performance as well as the customer experience across all channels

Unlike conventional contact centre systems that handle one communication channel at a time, Contact+ takes an integrated approach to managing all customer contact requests on every channel in the same way, allowing you to deliver a truly omni-channel experience to your customers.

We place all interactions on all channels into a single universal queue to be handled according to the business rules that you set.   And at the point that contacts are passed through to agents, the platform automatically provides a single view of ALL activity relating to a particular customer issue or case…across all channels, time periods and participants.

Armed with extensive information from multichannel conversation threads – plus data from other integrated systems – agents are able to focus on resolving customer issues and achieving goals rather than being distracted by complex processes and systems.

Our unique approach not only delivers a rich customer experience but also enables agents to serve customers faster, more accurately and with more empathy, helping organisations achieve a step change in performance and productivity.

Contact+ delivers an extensive range of Live Agent, Self-Service, Compliance and Workforce Optimisation services from the Cloud or On-Site systems.