Desktop Interfaces

The desktop interfaces we have created in Contact+ for both agents and supervisors are the most unified, intuitive and effective in the industry.  This is extremely important as they define how productive contact centre staff can be, and how well they can focus on providing the best possible service.

And it’s all about productivity in being able to provide high levels of service whilst preventing costs from escalating out of control.

The desktop interfaces also impact on the satisfaction levels of contact centre staff, helping to retain agents in particular and avoiding the high costs of constant hiring and training.

Agent Desktop

Particularly for the agent, the aim has to be to provide a single application that is highly intuitive and easy to use. This empowers the agent to focus on providing excellent service rather than struggling to manage multiple applications and functions, while also promoting employee engagement.

Our Conversation Management module runs on the agent desktop and is one of the key factors in helping to simplify their environment. Another is adopting an approach whereby options appear in context, only when they are relevant and needed. 

The agent desktop can be configured as a fully functioning browser which can run web based applications such as CRM systems.  Alternatively it can run in a mode which supports non web-based applications.

Supervisor Desktop

Similarly for the supervisor we have provided a truly integrated set of management tools that work generically for all media channels. Tasks such as creating, modifying and maintaining contact routing rules and agent profiles can be achieved in just a few clicks – and without having to repeat steps for different communications channels.

We have always used a simple rules-based system to describe call flows rather than flow charts which can be complicated and confusing.

The simplicity and power of the Contact+ management interface means our systems have always been managed entirely by contact centre supervisors without the need for any IT support or other specialist help.