Today’s customers want the same quick and relevant answers to their queries no matter what channel they use.  There are many systems capable of handling multiple channels, but a lot of these have evolved from voice-only systems by adding new channels onto a pre-existing framework.  The outcome of this is that each media type has its own way of working and the interface to the agent is more than likely going to reflect this in being overly complicated to use.

This has a direct and negative impact on the agent’s ability to be productive and to focus on the task of providing customer service. Instead, the agent is likely to be distracted and possibly also frustrated by having to follow cumbersome and counter-intuitive processes.

Unlike these other systems, Contact+ has been designed from the ground up to provide a fully integrated approach to managing customer interactions across voice, email, SMS, web and social media channels.

What this means is that the system works in exactly the same way, using the same methods and processes for all channels. This has a highly positive effect on all parties working with the system: agents, supervisors and customers.

For agents it means an intuitive desktop application where the concept of multiple channels is applied generically to all functions making it quick and easy to use.  Furthermore, the unique and powerful Contact+ Conversation Management module links all the different channels into a single unified conversation thread, giving agents a clear and concise picture of the customer’s journey so far.

These features empower agents to deliver the same high level of service regardless of what devices and channels customers choose.

For supervisors it means that configuring the system and creating reports all follow the same process for all channels, again making it easy and intuitive to use.

Bringing simplicity to an increasingly complex environment is a key strength of Contact+ and in being easy to use, it allows organisations to focus their attention where it should be – on delivering high levels of service to their customers.