Platform Features

Conversation Management

Conversation Management is a new and powerful capability of our Contact+ platform that provides the ability for agents to view multiple customer interactions across multiple channels as a single unified conversation thread.  The interactions can be over any period of time and involve any number of participants.

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Contact+ has been built from the ground up to manage multi-channel communications generically and in a totally integrated way, providing agents and supervisors with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface by which to navigate between voice, email, web, SMS and social media.

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Desktop Interfaces

The desktop interfaces we have created in Contact+ for both agents and supervisors are the most unified, intuitive and effective in the industry. This is extremely important as they define how productive contact centre staff can be, and how well they can focus on providing the best possible service.

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CRM and Application Integration

Harness the power of voice and data systems to resolve customer issues more effectively and boost agent productivity.  Contact+ is an open, standards-based platform that integrates easily with most existing applications, data networks and back office systems including CRM, knowledge bases, ordering, payment and financial systems.

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Self Service

Our Interactive Media Response (IMR™) technology extends the concept of automated self-service from voice based IVR to include all media channels.  Using the IMR™ module, automated services can be created to manage one or more media channels as part of the same transaction.

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Call and Conversation Recording

Meet your training, compliance and quality requirements with Macfarlane’s powerful call and conversation recording.  Unique features such as the ability to view and listen to embedded call recordings alongside web, SMS, email and social media text recordings on-screen, gives agents an holistic view of customer conversations helping improve customer experiences.

MI and Analytics

Contact+ uses powerful modern tools to perform Management and Business Intelligence Reporting using dashboards and historical reporting formats. It collects data from multiple sources which can include 3rd party applications and makes it available in the form of standard or bespoke reports.

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Customer Call Back

Smooth out call peaks and reduce or even eliminate queuing by enabling customers to request scheduled callbacks.  Our Callback solutions will improve customer experiences – and besides enhancing customer satisfaction, it can improve productivity by as much as 15%.

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Universal Queuing

Deliver greater consistency across channels while maximising agent productivity. Contact+ enables service requests from all contact channels to be placed in a universal queue from where they can be prioritised relative to one another and routed depending on user-defined business rules.


Outbound calls can be initiated manually by agents or driven from a database for automatic presentation to agents. Click-to-call from CRM systems and other applications is also supported.  Outbound non-voice interactions (e.g. outbound texts, emails etc.) can be performed using the IMR™ automated service module.

Customer Surveys

Customer Survey is a flexible IVR self service module that invites customers to rate their experiences straight after an interaction – with results instantly available to managers. Customer feedback is essential to gain a full understanding of the types of experiences your customers are having while interacting with your organisation.

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PCI DSS Compliance

Meet PCI DSS compliance obligations by taking credit and debit card payments over the phone without agents seeing or hearing card details and without having to stop/start call recordings.  Our secure card payment handling technology solutions can also significantly reduce the number of controls required to achieve PCI DSS compliance.

Workforce Optimisation

Workforce Optimisation (WFO) supports an organisation by driving operational efficiency and providing insights into how its workforce is performing and comprises a suite of applications. Contact+ supports industry-leading solutions for Workforce Management and Quality Management and has its own Voice of the Customer with its Customer Survey.

Workforce Management

Contact+ works seamlessly with leading workforce management (WFM) solutions helping contact centres increase efficiency, raise performance and lower costs by ensuring the right number of people with the right skills are available at the right time to meet forecasted contact volumes.

Quality Management & Monitoring

Contact+ enables supervisors to and analyse call and screen recordings for compliance, quality management and training purposes.  It is also possible for managers to silently listen in to live calls, speak to agents, and take over calls if required.

Knowledge Management

Capture, develop, share and use organisational knowledge more effectively.  Macfarlane works with leading providers of knowledge base and knowledge management software to deliver actionable solutions.

Cloud or OnPremise

At Macfarlane, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all.  We can deliver our Contact+ solution as an on-site system or as a service delivered from the cloud.  We are happy to consider your particular requirements and tailor our offering to meet your particular requirements.

Ask An Expert

Around 10 percent of service calls require expertise from external knowledge workers.  Ask an Expert allows contact centre agents to identify and engage with available experts via IM or phone to resolve queries – and all within a single customer session.