Turn your SuperAgents into Service Account Managers

There’s a lot of talk currently about the ‘SuperAgent of 2020’.

BT’s Futurologist Nicole Millard, for example, says “They need to ……. be great communicators across multiple channels (not just phone but chat, video and social media)……. know their stuff (or at least know more than the FAQs) ….. be empowered to take on complex issues on the customer’s behalf……. be aided and abetted by big data analytics tools…… empowered through a browser and connectivity…… have a good idea of what is on customers’ minds in more-or-less real time…….. alert other bits of the business when things are derailing……. and have managers that are the guardians of the customer experience.”

Sounds a lot like the stuff we’ve been talking about so far in this eBook.

However, what we think has been missing from a lot of the talk about the SuperAgent of the future is how they can deliver personalised service.

Because everything mentioned in the lines above relate to how SuperAgents can handle contacts more effectively. Not about the part they can play in proactively managing customer relationships at different stages of the customer lifecycle – or about how they can prevent future contacts by anticipating customer demands.

To be able to do so, we need to turn our SuperAgents into Service Account Managers. Perhaps working alongside traditional Account and Relationship Managers, we see the SuperAgent as someone who not only has a key role to play in keeping customers happy but in ensuring that the relationship is optimised for both supplier and customer.

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