Project Management


Our Prince2 Project Management methodology defines a set of tasks for the procurement, implementation and support phases of the project to understand and deliver on operational and strategic objectives.  Each phase is fully described in terms of objectives, timescale and actions required (from both parties).  The phases are:

1. Discovery

Here, we look to understand the main drivers behind the procurement project and the key outcomes sought.  We also create an Engagement Roadmap that lays out the structure by which we propose to define, develop and implement the required solution.

2. Project Plan

We then create a project plan describing the implementation of the solution and delivery of the services in order to meet client objectives and timescales.

3. Engagement

During implementation of the plan we work closely with the client team and hold regular progress meetings involving named points of contact from our respective organisations.

Macfarlane acts as a single point of contact throughout these phases.  We have found that the clarity and openness of our collaborative approach helps to build trust and forms a sound basis for building a successful long-term relationship.