System Integration


The contact centre environment is one involving a wide variety of technologies and applications and it is essential that the various elements of the complete solution work closely together in order to extract the maximum level of efficiencies and productivity gains.

Contact+ is an open, standards-based platform that integrates easily with most existing applications, data networks and back office systems – including CRM, knowledge bases, product and financial systems.  This is true for both on-premise and cloud based solutions.

Contact+ also works in conjunction with existing telephony infrastructure, giving clients the option of leaving legacy voice systems in place (with all their trunks, extensions and VoIP connections) and simply connecting them to our platform or cloud services. 

With this architecture, Contact+ is able to route calls to agents, regardless of where they are physically located – in the office, at home, on a mobile or even abroad.

In this way, clients can preserve the value of legacy investments in infrastructure and systems while benefiting from a modern, dedicated contact centre platform.