Social media, video… they’ll all be ‘just another channel’

A lot has been made about new media channels such as web chat, video and social media and the need to integrate them into the overall channel mix. By 2025, we believe customers and organisations alike will regard them all as ‘just another channel’ option.

Each will have its place:

  • The phone for high value and more complex interactions where a personal touch is required
  • Mobile apps to allow the customer to automatically follow the steps of the customer journey (see prediction 8)
  • Email for less time-sensitive queries
  • Web chat for situations where customers are multi-tasking
  • Social media, or online forums, for queries where answers are helpful to a broad community of users
  • Screen-sharing for technical queries where visual assistance is beneficial
  • Video in situations where problem resolution can be enhanced by sharing medical, technical or other imagery, or where customer experiences can be enhanced by visually displaying empathy

We predict that by 2025 the average organisation’s service channel mix will be very different to what it is today. Usage of these new channels will significantly increase as more consumers own devices that support these capabilities and feature software apps with built-in service options.

We also expect customers to change their channel preferences frequently, making it even more difficult for companies to deliver personalised service experiences by predicting future behaviour. How successfully customer operations are able to adapt to customers’ channel-hopping will be key to their success. This is particularly true for millennials who often flit from mobile to tablet to laptop within the space of just a few hours.

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