Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service has become a key strategic issue affecting the ability of businesses to build and retain customers and grow in an increasingly competitive environment. We work in partnership with our clients, using our Contact+ solution to help you create happy, loyal customers of your own, thereby adding significant value to your business and ensuring your future growth.

Customer Retention

The high cost of attracting new customers is wasted if customers leave because of poor service and it is therefore crucial for you to reduce churn and build customer loyalty.  Our Contact+ solution has been specially designed to help you create amazing customer experiences resulting in your customers choosing to stay with you rather than stray to a competitor.


Achieving sales growth is as much about selling more to your existing customers as attracting new ones.   Whether it be managing incoming leads on a variety of channels, conducting outbound sales campaigns or building a strong brand associated with excellent service, Contact+ will help you to achieve your strategic goals for business growth.


Improve collections success while remaining empathetic to customer needs.  Discover how Macfarlanes flexible technology automates key processes and empowers collections agents while ensuring regulatory compliance.


Meet compliance obligations while delivering seamless and rewarding customer conversations.  Our call recording and card payment handling solutions are designed to provide you with full compliance in meeting PCI DSS regulations.

Disaster Recovery

Worried about business continuity in the event of an unforeseen outage?  Macfarlane’s cloud and on premise-based disaster recovery solutions will offer you protection and peace of mind.


Give home-working agents the flexibility they require while improving productivity and reducing office, travel and other operating costs.  Contact+ HomeAgent provides all the capabilities to home workers as those in the office.


Contact+ MobileAgent extends your contact centre to include staff on the move, empowering them with the full range of contact centre facilities and services normally associated with traditional office-based agents.

Lone Worker

How safe are your lone workers?  Keep track of the movements of engineers on remote sites, healthcare professionals on home visits and other mobile remote workers with Macfarlane’s automated lone worker safety solutions.