3 ways speech recognition technology will transform the customer contact landscape

Speech recognition technology is set to totally transform the customer contact landscape with advancements in natural language understanding. This is where you can speak over the phone in a natural way rather than having to provide one word answers to specific questions, and the system will understand what you want.

For example, one person might say “I want to pay my bill” whereas someone else might say “Could I please settle my account” and both would be recognised as the same request. This capability will play an increasingly important role in:

  • Accurately and quickly routing inbound callers to the right resource
  • Ensuring more information requests can be handled end-to-end via self-service Enabling speech verification
  • Improving the effectiveness of speech analytics

Natural language understanding could also have a significant impact in improving customer experiences by completely eliminating the need to press numbers on the phone to navigate through a complex maze of options and still not achieve your goal. Take the initial call screening process, for example. In September 2014, Call Centre Helper asked its readers “The last time you used an automated phone service (IVR), did it give you a menu option that accurately described your issue?” Out of 200 responses, 65% of people said that the IVR system they last used did not give them an option that accurately described their issue.

This highlights a key customer experience issue that can be resolved using natural language speech technology.

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