Consulting services

Macfarlane Consulting Services help build long term success by transforming business processes, resolving bottlenecks and turning innovative technology ideas into impressive business results.

Our Consulting team provides strategic insights and practical advice gained from over two decades of contact centre implementation experience across hundreds of client sites, helping companies gain a competitive advantage by delivering outstanding experiences across all customer touchpoints.

Project management

A project manager will be appointed on receipt of an order, and implementation of services will be performed according to a project plan, agreed with the customer’s project manager.

Our agile project management methodology is a collaborative, iterative approach that incorporates continuous testing and responsiveness to change.

A set of tasks is defined for the procurement, implementation and support phases of the project to understand and deliver on operational and strategic objectives. Each phase is fully described in terms of objectives, timescale and actions required (from both parties). The phases are:

1. Discovery
Here, we look to understand the main drivers behind the procurement project and the key outcomes sought. We also create an Engagement Roadmap that lays out the structure by which we propose to define, develop and implement the required solution.

2. Project Plan
We then create a project plan describing the implementation of the solution and delivery of the services in order to meet client objectives and timescales.

3. Engagement
During implementation of the plan we work closely with the client team and hold regular progress meetings involving named points of contact from our respective organisations.
Macfarlane acts as a single point of contact throughout these phases.  We have found that the clarity and openness of our collaborative approach helps to build trust and forms a sound basis for building a successful long-term relationship.


During the implementation phase we work closely with clients to develop installation schedules that identify key delivery milestones. Our objective is always to ensure that the delivered solution precisely meets the client brief.

Macfarlane project teams have comprehensive experience in all aspects of delivering contact centre and Communications Management solutions and follow an Agile project management approach.


Macfarlane provides a thorough user education and training programme for each new client that requires it. Programmes are designed to ensure that clients maximise the full benefits that our solutions can offer.

Training programmes are flexible and can be tailored to particular needs and held on-line or on the client site.  During training we usually help the customer configure their system to meet their operational requirements.  Macfarlane also provides continuous knowledge transfer support for key client personnel.


Macfarlane follows structured ITIL 4 procedures for managing client support with all requests handled by dedicated and fully trained in-house support personnel.

Our platforms operate on a high availability basis with live redundant systems in place to take over operation in the unlikely event of any system failure.  We observe strict SLA’s in terms of the timing of resolutions to issues and in communicating updates to our customers.

There are 3 support options available:

  • 8am-6pm Mon-Fri excl. English Public Holidays
  • 8am-6pm 7 days per week
  • 24 x 7 x 365

Our Enhanced Support service gives clients the opportunity to request that management and administrative tasks on the Contact+ platform are performed by us according to agreed SLAs.

This leaves client staff free to concentrate on other tasks and removes the requirement to maintain at least two fully trained system managers to provide year-round cover. The benefits of Enhanced Support can include cost savings, additional staff backup at critical times, and enhanced access to expertise.

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