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As consumers, we now demand quick and relevant answers to our queries, delivered on a variety of devices such as our mobiles, iPads and PC’s, and using a number of different channels: the phone, web, email, SMS and social media.

The inability of organisations to cope with this increasingly complex environment has led to frustrated agents, high operational costs and dissatisfied customers.

We help organisations achieve their customer service and revenue goals by promoting simplicity, clarity and convenience for both agents and customers.

We offer simplicity by providing the most intuitive, easiest to use desktop interfaces in the industry that help agents and supervisors achieve their business goals without having to battle with complicated technology.  Agents can focus on understanding the customer issue and providing relevant and helpful responses, while remaining calm and professional.  Supervisors can react quickly to changing contact centre situations and feel confident in their ability to manage the system without resorting to IT support.

We provide clarity by linking together all the different channels into a single, unified conversation, giving agents a clear and concise picture of the customer’s journey so far.  This allows the agent to quickly assess the current status of a customer issue and immediately provide value by moving it forward, rather than asking the customer to repeat themselves for the nth time.  This continuity in the process helps establish confidence in the customer’s mind, which is further enhanced by the ability for the agent to set themselves as the preferred point of contact for the next time the customer contacts the organisation, no matter which media channel they use.

We make it convenient for customers to contact an organisation by whichever means they choose, possibly using several channels in the course of a single issue.  And convenient for the organisation to respond with confidence, knowing what information is required and how to deliver it.  And how much more convenient is it for a customer to send a text, email or instant message with the date and time of your availability, and then simply wait for the callback to arrive.  No more queuing or listening to repetitive automated messages about how important your call is.

Our technology solutions and consultative approach have helped dozens of public and private sector organisations transform customer contact performance while improving customer satisfaction, enhancing loyalty, reducing churn and cutting cost-to-serve.

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