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We like to use the term Communications Management for what we do – we manage the communications between an organisation and its customers. Communications Management systems have been around for a long time but are generally known as call or contact centre systems, serving only a small, specialist group of users in a contact centre.

We have been doing this for over 20 years but we now believe the time has come to offer this type of system for use by any business, big or small, with or without a contact centre operation, that engages in sales and/or customer service activities.

Competition in organisations such as on-line retail has created a high benchmark for the provision of customer service by making communications available and seamless across multiple media channels, and this has now led customers to expect the same level of service from all businesses they come into contact with.

As a result, all the factors and business challenges that have driven the operation of contact centres are now filtering down to affect the wider business community.

Macfarlane’s long pedigree of transforming customer service operations within contact centres has now led to the creation of Contact+, a modern omni-channel Communications Management platform, capable of serving any type of business, large or small, that needs to engage with its customers in a structured and well managed way.

Unlike some of the other emerging systems in this field, Contact+ fully integrates telephony as one of the contact channels supported and is unique in coming from a true contact centre background.

A lot of sales and customer service activity is now starting to be performed by home workers. In this new remote working environment Contact+ performs an important role in the management of staff where reporting on quality and adherence to SLA’s of customer communications activity is developing as an essential management tool.

Whereas previously, the implementation of such systems involved a significant amount of expensive professional services, Contact+ can integrate seamlessly with your existing telephony and IT environment and is very easy to learn and use.

Similarly, whereas contact centre systems are generally priced at the upper end of the spectrum, Contact+ has a pricing system that works for smaller implementations all the way up to larger more sophisticated ones.  Users can choose from a range of pricing packages and also hand-pick features that are particularly relevant for them.

Contact+ can now provide any business with sophisticated features such as:

  • Conversation Management, a unique and powerful method of managing customer conversations over multiple contact channels
  • Feature rich integrations with Microsoft Teams, Dynamics, Active Directory and other applications to leverage the power of existing IT infrastructure
  • Quality, Monitoring and Reporting functions to provide management with all the tools they need to manage remote as well as office-based workers.

We believe that all businesses now require the use of a Communications Management system such as Contact+ to support their sales and customer service activities in order to remain competitive, and to help secure their future.

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