Providing continuity

A key aspect of delivering a great customer journey is being able to offer the customer continuity, especially where a variety of channels are employed over a period of time in the processing or resolution of an issue.

Current solutions are likely to treat each new interaction with the customer as a separate event or dialogue, where the agent handling each new interaction is not fully aware of all that has gone before.  Whereas the customer has a single, consistent and informed view of their issue and its history, all too often the organisation presents itself as fractured, failing to demonstrate an ability to join up all the dots for the customer in their journey.

This inevitably leads to frustration on the customer’s part where they have to repeat themselves on the phone, and also for the agent who does not have access to the complete set of communications across all channels.

Using its innovative and powerful Conversation Management capability, our Contact+ Communications Management solution maintains a detailed record of each step in the journey experienced by the customer over all the channels employed in processing or resolving an issue.

Contact+ links together all the different channels into a single unified conversation thereby presenting agents with a clear and concise history of the customer journey so far and empowering them to quickly move an issue forward, rather than wasting time trying to get up to speed each time.

Contact+ also provides valuable insight into how your customers perceive the service they are getting from you on each channel.  This leads to a better understanding of your customers’ needs and the development of engagement strategies based on a holistic view of your customers’ journeys.

Another way in which Contact+ helps to provide continuity is to allow agents to set themselves as the preferred point of contact on any particular customer issue, thereby avoiding the need for the customer to repeat themselves each time.  This means that one agent can receive all the calls, emails, texts etc. enabling them to offer a highly knowledgeable and personalised service.

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