Reducing queues

One of the worst and most highly visible examples of a poor customer journey is having to wait endlessly in a queue while being told repeatedly that your call is important.

Rather than expecting you to wait forever in a queue, Contact+ allows you to leave a message which then gets queued in your place.  You may also add a telephone number and date and time of your availability, and once the message is delivered to an agent you can be called back at the time of your choosing.

Better still, rather than making a call and waiting in the queue yourself, Contact+ allows you to send a text or fill in a web form to the system with the date and time of your availability, requesting a callback.  The system then calls you back on your mobile or other given number at the time you specify.

This eliminates queuing altogether!

Alternatively, with Contact+ you can use a fully automated IVR service to help resolve a customer query while they are queuing.  This may involve requesting information from the caller, querying a CRM system to obtain the information and then using text-to-speech to deliver it to the caller.

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