Intuitive and easy to use

The user interfaces in Contact+ are the most intuitive and easy to use in the industry.  This is extremely important in a complex multi-channel environment as they define how productive and effective users can be in performing their tasks.

Higher quality interfaces also improve the agent working environment, resulting in higher levels of staff satisfaction, better performance and lower staff turnover.

They also reduce the need for staff training and allow system management tasks to be performed without requiring IT support.

There are a number of ways in which this intuitive ease of use has been achieved.

Omni-channel design

The underlying omni-channel design of Contact+ means that all contact channels can be treated equivalently, reducing the overhead of having to manage each channel differently.

Conversation management

The Contact+ Conversation Management feature is a key factor in helping to promote clarity and simplicity in the use of the system.

Minimalist approach

The clean, minimalist design of user interfaces shows only what is required at any given point, thereby helping to reduce clutter on the screen and further enhance clarity.

Interface consolidation

It is particularly important for the agent to have as few applications and interfaces to manage as possible.  This encourages and empowers them to focus on providing excellent service rather than struggling to manage multiple applications and functions.

Contact+ can be used from within the increasingly familiar Microsoft Teams environment, thereby removing the need for the native Contact+ desktop user module.

Also, the interface to CRM systems can be created within Contact+.

Both of these features reduce the number of interfaces a user must work with, thereby helping to simplify the overall operating environment.


Contact+ admin and management tools work generically for all contact channels so that tasks such as creating, modifying and maintaining contact routing rules can be achieved easily without having to repeat steps for each channel.  The simplicity and power of the Contact+ admin/management interface means that it has never required IT support or other specialist help.

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