MI and analytics

Contact+ uses powerful modern tools to perform Management and Business Intelligence Reporting using dashboards and historical reporting formats. It collects data from multiple sources which can include 3rd party applications and makes it available in the form of standard or bespoke reports.

Real-time dashboards can be pre-configured and saved by supervisors with tables, graphs, single data items etc. and be called up at any time to present up-to-the second information.

Historical reports come in the form of master, standard and user reports and can be run over any period displaying any set of data from a choice of over 150 reportable items.

Reporting can be tailored to include fields from other systems such as CRM, thereby providing a more holistic and integrated view of the contact centre operation.

Dashboards support drill-down capability and also the ability to configure supervisor configuration functions on the same screen.  This provides the supervisor with the very powerful means to observe performance, investigate root causes of issues and take action all using the same screen.

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