Self service

Our Interactive Media Response (IMR™) technology extends the concept of automated self-service from voice based IVR to include all media channels.  Using the IMR™ module, automated services can be created to manage one or more media channels as part of the same transaction.

This means that in addition to voice, an IMR service can process incoming and outgoing SMS, web chat, email and social media transactions.

Contact+ supports full integration between self-service and live agent services whereby continuity is preserved when customers are transferred between the two.  Relevant data is also transferred avoiding the need for the customer to repeat themselves.

Furthermore, Contact+ Conversation Manager includes automated services as part of a customer conversation, adding to the understanding of the customer’s overall journey and experience.

Automated services have the benefit of freeing up live agents from simple and repetitive tasks to allow them to concentrate on more complex ones.  Understanding how automated services impact the customer experience is crucial to continuing to deliver a high level of customer service while at the same time reducing cost.

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